Key knowledge of how to lose weight

Key knowledge of how to lose weight

How to lose weight
Hello everyone, here is Peeta Gege. People often ask me how to lose weight effectively. Then this article is about to talk about the key to slimming and the real cause of obesity.

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People generally think that the weight is determined by the calorie intake, so those who are fat are simply unable to control their mouths, then do not exercise, have no perseverance, no wonder they will be fat; or you often hear, reduce Don’t you eat too much fat?

But this concept has made the human body too simplistic, and because of this, 95% of the ways to eat less exercise , control the calories of diet, etc.

So today we are going to learn more correct concepts and let you know why you can’t effectively lose weight.

This article contains many key knowledge and topics related to obesity.

So it will be very long, then we don’t talk much nonsense, just show it to him.

Take a serious look at the complete article, you will know more about obesity and weight loss.

The real cause of obesity

First, before we learn how to lose weight, we must first understand why we are obese.

So the real cause of obesity is a concept called balance setting , which will keep your body in a comfortable state. When you are thirsty, you will want to drink water to quench your thirst. When you are hot, Will sweat and cool down, thenThe boy’s egg skin will open to keep the eggs from overheating.

Then the body will have a weight that I like very much, assuming that I am currently comfortable with 90 kg, and when I started to want to eat less to lose weight, reduce calorie intake, increase aerobic exercise

My body will start to worry, so he will also reduce calorie consumption. After one month, my basal metabolism will drop by about 30-40%, and then I will madly secrete hormonal hormones.

This is why it is harder to lose weight to the back, and why is it so easy to get fat , because the body wants to return to the most comfortable balance setting.

What exactly determines our most comfortable balance setting?

The answer is hormone

How to lose weight

Weight loss and insulin hypothesis
Among them, it will affect leptin, insulin , cortisol, etc. It is not easy to understand if the article is too much, so I will only talk about insulin here.

Insulin is a kind of synthetic hormone or anti-decomposition hormone. When you gain muscle, you need to stimulate insulin to achieve synthetic muscle. But when you lose weight, your insulin is too high or insulin resistance will decompose, whether it is muscle or fat. It’s not slim!

But when it comes to insulin that determines obesity, someone will say, but isn’t the insulin hypothesis already overturned?

A doctor had previously said that controlling insulin is not related to weight loss, but in fact, studying these things lasted only less than a year.

But obesity is usually accumulated over the years . You may be 15 or a thin person and slowly increase 0.5-1 kg per year. You will feel good.

At the age of 25, you become a little fat. At 35, you become a big fat man, but you are very busy at work and have no control over him. At 45 years old, you have metabolic syndrome, then you will see that you have to eat less, but you continue to After two months, I will return to my fat again.

At the age of 55, you can get chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, but if you go to the doctor, he will not teach you how to improve, so I will ask you to take a few drugs because the drug factory can make money.

At the age of 65, when you retire, you can only lie in hospital for retirement.

Insulin hypothesis

So you don’t use a short-term study to tell me that insulin can’t determine long-term obesity.

Even if this theory of insulin determines obesity is still a hypothesis, there is a lot of evidence to confirm this theory, so I believe in the current scientific understanding.

Several evidences related to the effectiveness of insulin and weight loss:
Experts know that retraining is the key to long-term weight loss, not aerobic exercise, because retraining can improve muscle insulin sensitivity , improve body tolerance to carbohydrates, and help reduce weight in the long run.
Stress can also cause obesity, because long-term excessive secretion of stress hormone-cortisol causes insulin resistance and elevated fasting insulin
Fish oil can improve insulin sensitivity , so it helps with weight loss.
Obese pregnant women, or children born with malnutrition during pregnancy, are born with insulin secretion and blood sugar control . When they grow up, they are three times more likely to be fat than others.
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All of the above reasons point to excessive insulin secretion or insulin resistance and the effectiveness of weight loss will be related to

Anyway, people who are fat usually have insulin problems, so why don’t we try to find ways to lose weight by improving insulin?

Because speaking calories is simpler and easier to understand, and selling food is also better to make money, the title of low calorie biscuits will certainly sell better than low-increase biscuits.

Long-term obesity vs short-term obesity

It’s like you are falling out of love and then 5 kg of fat in a month, or a slight increase in body fat for half a year. These are well solved.

Because obesity in the short term does not affect too much insulin secretion, so no matter what method you use, the chances of successful weight loss are very high. I would suggest that you choose the most easy way to lose weight for a long time. Control diet

The longer the obesity, the more your insulin will be abnormally secreted and the fasting insulin will be too high. If people in this situation want to lose weight, I would very much recommend improving the insulin problem first (mentioned below)

After successful weight loss, it will be easy to regain fat, because the body adapts to the fat state for a long time, so it is recommended to do the following key points for insulin improvement for a long time.

Insulin weight loss

The key to using insulin to lose weight
The main goal below is to lower your insulin secretion and increase your body’s insulin sensitivity.

The biggest key is:

First, select foods that are less stimulating to insulin secretion and nutrition

In fact, as long as you have something to eat, you will have insulin secretion, just secrete more and less, often with a long time. Generally speaking, carbohydrate is the most important nutrient component that can be directly stimulated. Protein is secondary, fat is the least, and fiber can be slightly reduced. secretion

This is why you should eat more meat and meat, not to eat junk food, refined carbon water, etc.

Second, the time to eat food

You can go check out this video.

Third, arrange the exercise to lose weight

Can refer to this article

Complete strategy for weight loss exercise

Fourth, living habits

Too much pressure to ensure that you lose weight will be very painful, bad, sleep will also affect hormones

Five, weight loss

Whatever the short-term diet control are at the same time how much weight loss, weight loss and how many will actually improve your insulin problems, but you want to achieve long-term success and no longer fat diet, they still have to comply with most of the above points Focus

Simply put, the most effective way to help you improve your insulin is to fasting + very low sugar or ketogenic diet . Going to retraining, sleeping, and then adding a body to a steady decline

Weight loss

Frequently encountered problems in calculating calories during weight loss
Here I will talk about why you have calculated the calories as the main nutrients, but still lose weight.

I am often asked if I am calculating calories. Basically, I will eat almost the same amount every day, and then adjust the weight change to adjust, so some definition is calorie.

But everyone did not know if they found out that the previous task never asked everyone to calculate calories. They always asked everyone to choose food to eat, plus intermittent fasting and moderate retraining to achieve good weight loss. But this is not to say that I don’t believe that calorie can reduce weight success, but I have seen too many examples of calorie failure.

The slimming problem I am most often asked is similar to this. Ge ~ Ge, I figured out that TDEE is 1700 calories, then I want to lose weight, so I eat 1400 calories every day. The main nutrients have a ratio, which lasts for a month. There is no decline in the body fat, there is no way to effectively reduce the weight, is it wrong with me?

When he posted it to me to see what he probably ate, the result was that I saw about 100 grams of vegetables, and then more than 50% of them were processed.

Just the example has two big problems:

Calorie balance is indeed something that exists

The calories you eat are less than the calories you consume. In a calorie deficit, you will definitely lose weight. The problem is that your body system is constantly changing.

So your TDEE is the calories you consume, not from the deadly formulas of the Internet.

Studies have also shown that those algorithms are usually very inaccurate. The more common problem is that your TDEE has not been calculated to be as high as 1700.

You are very accurate to eat 1400 for two weeks but the weight is maintained, you know that your TDEE is 1400, please don’t be scared, because many girls’ metabolism is really so low.

If you do the above, you can only eat 1200 calories per day to lose weight successfully?

At this time, you have to count the calories to eat three meals as usual. You will feel that you are eating a fairy meal and it is very painful. The boys are the same. You calculate 2500 and then eat 2100 and the weight has not dropped.

On behalf of your TDEE is 2100, you want to lose fat is to eat less, until the weight has a weekly drop of 0.8-1% overall weight


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