Eggs can lose weight and fight cancer! 7 big ways to “enhance absorption rate”

Eggs can lose weight and fight cancer! 7 big ways to “enhance absorption rate”

Eggs are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. They play an important role in repairing the body and treating diseases. Dr. Wu Honggan, a doctor of Chinese medicine, also believes that “eggs” are the best health food and the best medicine. You only need to master 7 small tips when eating. Can increase the nutrient absorption rate of eggs!Wu Hongqian (Dean of Yisheng Chinese Medicine Clinic, Doctor of Chinese Medicine Department, China Medical University)

Eating eggs can raise “nitrogen”, fight against 5 visceral diseases, fight inflammation, lower blood pressure, protect the heart, and prevent cancer! “Nitrate” is the “nitric oxide” in the human body that is highly valued by the medical community. It is an anti-inflammatory molecule with many health functions:
● As a nerve conduction factor, it promotes communication between nerve cells.
● Promote blood circulation and lower blood pressure.
● Relax vascular smooth muscle.
● Prevent arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, and stroke.
● Protects and strengthens heart function, because nitric oxide can improve blood flow, dilate blood vessels, increase oxygen supply, and prevent thrombosis, thus protecting heart function.
● Mediate insulin secretion, prevent and improve diabetes.
● Protect skin and regenerate function.
● Strengthen male and female sexual function.
● Enhance the immune system and inhibit tumor cell production.

We can also pay more attention when eating eggs, there are 7 ways to increase the rate of nutrient absorption!

Eat egg tips 1: Eat boiled eggs, the highest absorption rate

The Chinese people eat about 290 eggs per year, about five a week. Six. It is best to eat boiled eggs in shells, because the first protein is well digested, the protein digestibility of boiled eggs is as high as 99%. Seven, the second vitamin is the most complete. Some people may like to eat raw eggs, but the digestion rate of raw food is only about 50%.

How long does it take to cook eggs? Someone used to cook too long, so that a layer of gray sulfide (mainly H2S) appeared on the periphery of the egg yolk. That is because the ferrous sulfide formed by the reaction with iron (Fe) in the egg yolk is normal and does not affect the safety of the egg. .

Eat egg tips 2: Eat whole eggs together to help prevent cancer and fight cancer

In this way, the nutrients contained in it can be completely ingested. A recent study in the Netherlands showed that the tyrosine component contained in eggs can increase the rate of response to dangerous conditions. In addition, according to the article “The role of trace elements in cancer nutrition therapy” by Dr. Chen Junyi, selenium will participate in the synthesis of glutathione oxidase, a glutathione oxidase, which is a glutathione in the human body. The essential component of oxidase, which is a “free radical” that decomposes peroxides. Too many free radicals (peroxides) in the human body can cause a lot of damage. It is understood that the mortality rate of cancer is negatively correlated with the selenium content in food, which means that the lack of selenium in the daily diet will increase the risk of certain cancers, and the eggs contain just a lot of selenium.

Eat eggs tips 3: Eat eggs can help lose weight

Eating one or two eggs a day for breakfast can effectively lose weight, because the protein content in the egg can produce a feeling of satiety. Compared to carbohydrates, protein requires a longer digestion time, so it is not easy to be hungry before lunch, and can be reduced. Snacks, meals and total calorie intake, which is why nuts are slimming hot snacks, although they contain a lot of fat, but have excellent protein.
The egg itself has no fat, but it is full of protein satiety. During the slimming period, you can eat one or two tea eggs. With its fullness, you don’t need to eat late at night.

Eat Egg Tips 4: Eat two or three eggs a day

Eggs, beans, fish, and meat are the most frequently used sources of protein in our daily lives. Physicians recommend that they should account for 20-30% of the total daily calorie. Each egg contains at least five grams of protein. Under the premise that the average person should take less than two hundred grams of protein per day (the calorie is eight hundred calories), eating two or three eggs will definitely not hurt the body, but there are many benefits.

Eat egg tips 5: Eat an egg per meal on average

It is generally recommended that the intake of protein in one day should be spread over an average of three meals, as this is related to the efficiency of the synthesis. Too much or too little to eat a meal, the efficiency of the human body’s synthetic protein will be relatively poor, so the average meal per egg, protein synthesis efficiency, the total amount of protein is only 15 to 18 grams, there is no problem . However, it is not recommended to eat too many at a time, it is easy to flatulence and snoring. “Herbal Supplements” records: “Yiqi, eat more and make people sound.”

Eat egg tips 6: Add eggs immediately after exercise

People who are training in weight or exercising try to replenish protein after exercise because it consumes a lot of protein. According to the study, the rate of protein synthesis immediately after exercise is more than six times more than that after three hours of exercise, so it is recommended to add eggs immediately after exercise.

Eat egg tips 7: cooked eggs are safer

It is not recommended that everyone eat raw eggs, or cooked food is better, not only has a higher absorption rate, but also has no doubts about bacteria or microorganisms. “Materia Medica” reads: “Hehe cooked food can also replenish the spleen and stomach. If you are blunt, you can raise your heart and you can retreat.”


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